08 Jan 2018

Public loos feel the strain...

Laser Group is calling for increased investment in water sanitation to keep up with population and tourism growth.

With New Zealand's growing population and increasing numbers of tourists visiting our country, the government needs to ensure that our waste management facilities and practices meet demand, says Laser Group New Zealand General Manager Scott Carr.

New Zealand's tourism market is booming, with more than 3.4 million tourists arriving on our shores in 2016. The influx of tourists is beginning to place a strain on public infrastructure around the country, says Scott - particularly on public toilets.

With ageing infrastructure, the amount of public amenities in several of New Zealand's tourist hotspots are struggling to keep up with tourist numbers, leading to reports of defecation in public parks and overflowing septic tanks.

"It's important that the organisations responsible for waste management stay at the forefront of technology and community needs, to keep the environment and water quality of New Zealand pristine he says."

"Whilst plumbing isn't all about waste management, it is important to take the time to appreciate the role our plumbers play in keeping our population safe and healthy, as well as the impact on our economy through industries such as tourism."