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Take your business to the next level with Laser expertise, support and solutions.
Joining Laser means it's still your business, and you'll still deliver the same personal service with your local team to your local community. Now you will have access to our systems, services, resources and support to help give you more room to grow and evolve your business.
By becoming a member, you can access the support of a growing network of plumbing and electrical members and be backed by a well-known and trusted brand.

How Laser can help grow your business

Together, we can work to ensure your business is well connected, supported and always on.

Brand Power

We take care of the brand and national marketing so you can concentrate on your business. With national advertising across radio, digital and social media platforms, we work closely with our suppliers to offer outstanding customer promotions.

Laser Network

Our diverse network of members and suppliers offers opportunities for success through support and collaboration from experienced individuals in the industry.


We supply, integrate and support you with market-leading operating systems to streamline your operations and add efficiencies so you can focus your time on growing your business.

Mentoring & Support

Receive ongoing coaching from a dedicated business performance manager to help identify areas and actions needed for growth and improvement to achieve your business goals.

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    Member Stories and Testimonials

    Laser provides us with a framework of how to run a successful plumbing business and gives us access to the tools to continue to innovate and improve. With an experience of what has and hasn’t worked in the past, their advice will be instrumental in helping us focus our energy on what will have the greatest impact within our business.


    Laser Plumbing Grey Lynn

    I originally joined Laser in my early days in business as I had seen the Laser Electrical vans around which looked very sharp and professional. I read about Peter and Daves success in turning around their business with the systems etc and I knew being involved would be beneficial to me as a tradesman, not necessarily a businessman. This has helped me grow in 14 years from a one-man band to 3 separate businesses and 23 people, the marketing, buying power, systems, business training and networking are all invaluable.We have made a lot of friends for life with Laser on both sides of the Tasman and I wouldn't have it any other way.


    Laser Plumbing Matamata | Morrinsville | Putaruru

    We joined Laser to expand our business.Without the resources and advice of Laser we would not have grown like we have in the time we have been with Laser. We have found the member support to be very beneficial to our business through the support of other members we have met at seminars, conferences and performance groups; as well as people we can contact to share ideas and experience with. We now have a great network of people around the country.


    Laser Electrical Palmerston North Central

    We joined Laser Group 5 years ago, the support and information shared, has been so valuable to our business. Real people with wide and up to date experience wanting to help others to grow and succeed. In a changing world with so much compliance and technical expertise needed, we have the advantage with Laser Group. Frankly we have never looked back and know that our decision to join was the best we have ever made.

    Niki and Gary

    Laser Plumbing Wairarapa

    We decided to join the Laser Group to try and establish our existing business a bit better and to grow as a business.

    Throughout our time with Laser the support has been without doubt second to none. The behind-the-scenes support and systems that are available are truly worth their weight in gold. All in all, it's just a great, positive team to be part of.


    Laser Electrical Rotorua

    Combining two established small businesses, Scott and I joined the Laser Group in 2001. What we’ve experienced over the last 20 years as proud Laser members has been access to great systems, a collaborative supportive network, innovation, and growth beyond all expectations. The end result being a well-respected business with powerful branding and even more potential to grow, into the future.


    Laser Electrical Dunedin

    When it came to expanding our well-established business, we assessed various options, it soon became clear that Laser was the only option that had the market presence we wanted.

    We already had a great brand locally, but with Laser behind us, we found with the additional advertising and IT support it created greater turnover opportunities through increased customer awareness / increased productivity and greater office efficiency. The change to new software systems did create its' own challenges, but with our award-winning business support managers we honestly wouldn’t look back now.


    Laser Electrical Invercargill

    We’re in a small town as part of a wider region and joined for the benefits seen in the systems and brand name. These have certainly been valuable, but we’ve found the greatest benefit is the expansion in our horizons and learnings taken from our mates in the wider region. Like they say, no man is an island, and we’re continuing to grow these benefits by participating in a performance group with other similar Laser businesses.


    Laser Plumbing Alexandra

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    Discover ways Laser supports its Members

    Business Coaching and Support

    The accuracy of Lasers job management system means we look professional in front of our customers, but also able to make practical business decisions using the reporting & benchmarking provide powerful insights to grow our business.
    The support and coaching from Laser assists us in making important decisions to move forward.

    Sheryll Ford | Laser Electrical Queenstown

    Systems and Resources

    Having access to Laser systems has enabled me to develop a well defined strategic objective, a clear vision of what Laser Electrical Dunedin will look like as it grows and a clear focus on the financial health and profitability of the company.

    Allan McKillop | Laser Electrical Dunedin


    As the leading Plumbing & Electrical network in New Zealand, Laser has a huge knowledge resource which can answer most questions.
    "One of the most significant benefits has been the networking with like minded Members. The access to a tremendous amount of knowledge & camaraderie that grows each time you engage with each other."

    Clyde Andrews | Laser Plumbing Tauranga Central


    What sets Laser apart from its competitors?

    Laser is the largest Plumbing and Electrical Franchise in New Zealand; we are also closely partnered with Obrien's in Australia, sharing some resources. This size and scale mean we can get great support from our supply partners, invest in technology that will support growing your business and, importantly, give you an instant network of Plumbers and Electricians that many refer to as a family.

    What are the financial obligations? Ongoing fees?

    When you join, you commit to a minimum of five years, and after that, you have the right to renew your contract. A minimal monthly fee contributes to the services you receive, such as your licenses for the accounting packages you will use and attendance at our famous conferences. We are known for having some of the lowest fees in franchising, so apart from a modest joining fee and the monthly fees, there are only costs we would usually associate with running any business.

    What are your expectations of your franchise owners?

    Laser has built a reputation for service and quality over the years; our customer feedback constantly reflects this. It is essential that quality and customer service are paramount for you. If you can check those boxes, you are on the right track. However, by joining the group, we expect to help you grow your business, which will require you to take on new ways and ideas when it comes to running your business. Our systems are tried and tested, so you will need to come with an open mind and a willingness to grow.

    How much could I expect to gross/net in first year, second year, and third year?

    The profit will entirely depend on the size of your business when you join. As part of our assessment, we help project some of the additional savings or costs you will have with us in the first year; we want to make sure you are better off by being part of the group. After that, we will help you with forecasting and budgeting for the year to work towards your financial goals. We will also benchmark you against our other members to identify areas to get some quick wins.

    How long will it take to see the benefits of my business joining Laser?

    You will start getting support for your business from the day you join. Like any business, it will require you to do some demanding work to realise the benefits. The value of these benefits can take months or even years to realise fully, but we have a great roadmap and support to help grow your business.

    How will Laser help drive demand for my business?

    Our Group Marketing Fund (GMF) is our national programme responsible for lifting the overall awareness of the Laser brand and the services we offer to drive demand. We offer all members access to the Local Marketing Package (LMP) provides you with the tools and resources to further increase local demand for your business.