05 Sep 2017

Laser Plumbing & Electrical looks to expand after award-winning year

After a double-award-winning year, Napier-based Laser Plumbing and Electrical plans to double in size.

The franchise, run by father and son team Paul and Reihana Manaena, was named the Pan Pac Business of the Year at the 2017 Pan Pac Hawke's Bay Business Awards on Friday.

"We've entered two years in a row and we have quite a similar process in the Laser Plumbing and Electrical group, which are made up of 250 other franchise members in New Zealand and Australia and we've been able to have our business through that judging process.

"We have done quite well in that too because we were named the International Laser Business of the Year, so we're quite happy with our progress and just excited about the future. We're thankful for every moment.

"All the success that we have achieved, I am still able to go to my daughter's athletics, take the children to their first day of school - it's those things are a big thing for us. So, being able to achieve that is success."