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Laser Plumbing Wairarapa offer a comprehensive service including commercial, domestic, service & maintenance & rural work.

Locally owned, Laser Plumbing Wairarapa offers Plumbing Drainage and Gas fitting solutions within the Wairarapa.

With a team of highly qualified technicians, we have a “totally Dependable” service covering all aspects of Maintenance, Renovations, Commercial, Rural and New Builds.

With a reputation for quality workmanship and responding to customers promptly you can count on us to deliver results for all your plumbing and Gas needs.

Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for all emergency work.

Our services:

  • Residential
  • Rural
  • Commercial

Maintenace & Servicing

Maintenance and servicing is vital to ensure your home or workplace is safe and operating efficiently. A little leak might not seem like a big deal, but they do add up over time, wasting water and costing you money.

Laser Plumbing Wairarapa can provide a Preventative Maintenance Schedule to reduce the expensive costs of repairs or replacements in the future.

Whether it is fixing leaks, unblocking drains, renovating your bathroom, repairing or replacing your roof or spouting, cleaning your chimney, servicing gas fires, changing filters - no job is too big or small. You can rely on your local Laser Plumbing Wairarapa to provide a "Totally Dependable" service.

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We can unblock and repair existing systems, install new sewer and stormwater lines and design and install new stormwater and septic tanks.

We are well equipped and experienced with new residential builds both rural and in town, and can install sanitary systems for both residential and commercial applications.

Proper drainage for your property is essential. This involves the removal of waste water from your home or workplace, allowing stormwater to flow safely from your roof into the main council drains and appropriate property irrigation to prevent flooding. Where mains sewerage access is not available, piping to septic tanks and other wastewater systems can be provided.

Fire Systems Design and Installation

We can design, supply, install and maintain fire safety systems for any commercial or residential space to keep you safe while adhering to all fire safety guidelines.

If you want to know more or request a quote, please contact us today.

Gas Fitting

Whether you need help with a gas emergency, new installation, or maintenance and testing of an existing system, we provide the solution!

Laser Plumbing Wairarapa supplies and installs gas appliances enabling us to be a one stop shop for customers. We have dedicated, certified and professional gas fitters who make sure all gas work is certified and tested for your safety and compliance.

Our experienced and knowledgeable gasfitters are here for advice on any gas options you may be looking at.

This may include gas cooking or gas heating in residential homes, cafes or restaurants. Or gas to appliances, caravans, motorhomes or boats.

Our gas fitters are qualified for installation of all gas appliances including heaters, fireplaces and flues, gas hobs, hot water cylinders, gas barbeques and continuous hot water heaters.

For fast, convenient and easily controlled heating, we can supply and install gas energy saving heating, gas inbuilt fireplaces, outdoor gas heating and gas central heating systems.


Laser Plumbing Wairarapa partner with the best suppliers and leading manufacturers to ensure that our clients are getting a proven and reliable end product. Our certified plumbers will then carry out an expert installation so you can rest easy knowing that your heating system has been installed safely.

You can rely on Laser Plumbing Wairarapa to make sure your heating system is running efficiently for the colder seasons.

Our heating services includes:

  • Woodburners
  • Gasfitting
  • Hydronic heating

Hot Water Systems

Choosing the right water heating system for your needs is crucial as every home or business is different.

Your hot water system need to be able to provide plenty of hot water for your entire house or business, but that doesn’t have to mean compromising on efficiency.

There is a range of options available to suit every household’s needs, talk to your Laser Plumbing Wairarapa experts to decide what is right for you.

IQP Backflow Prevention

Backflow prevention devices ensure that our water supply is not contaminated by pollutants that may enter the water supply. These devices prevent the water from flowing back into the water main pipes.

Laser Plumbing Wairarapa provides backflow prevention testing, problem diagnosis, installation and repairs to existing installations. We also provide regular testing of your backflow prevention device to ensure that it is maintained to required standards and continue to operate effectively.

Pumps Tanks Filtration and Irrigation

Supply & Install of Water tanks and pumps. For those whom rely on rainwater collection, we can source water tanks, have these supplied and installed. We can source new water pressure pumps.

Water Tanks

The capture of rainwater is now becoming mandatory on a lot of new building projects, it is also a way to reduce your water bills and provide a more environmentally friendly, sustainable house hold.

We work with our suppliers to provide retention and detention solutions to match your specifications.

Whether you are installing a water tank as your main source of water, or to bring down your water bills, capture rainwater for the garden, or as a major part of your fire safety plan, Laser Plumbing Wairarapa can help you ensure that it delivers what you need.

There are several considerations when installing a water tank including New Zealand standards, and those of the water industry, plumbing regulations, and council requirements. This is why you should always use a licensed plumber. A licensed plumber will also reduce the risk of any problems arising from incorrect installation saving you money in the long term.

Water Pumps

Installation, replacement, repair or service of your water pump, we can assist.

Having even pressure and constant flow of water around the home is important. Laser Plumbing Wairarapa will assist you in selecting the right pump and pressure system to ensure the needs of your home are met, fluctuations in water pressure during showers don’t occur and that there is always water available to boil the kettle.

If your current pump is not be performing to expectation, or you are looking for a solution for a new build or renovation and would like some advice on what you need, we can help.

When selecting a Water Pump there are several factors to be considered:

  • The water source
  • Proposed location of the pump
  • Maximum pressure required
  • Flow rate or volume of water required at one time

We can help you by assessing your existing water pump and pressure system and recommend an option to meet your water usage requirements and are capable of delivering continual flow and pressure.

Roofing and Spouting

The roof and guttering must be kept in good condition to ensure your property remains weatherproof.

We can take care of all residential and commercial maintenance roofing work, including:

  • Spouting
  • Down piping and flashing work
  • Roof lead locations
  • Roof removal and reroofing

Waste Water Treatment

We can recommend, install and service waste water treatment systems that will efficiently and safely process household sewage and wastewater and allow you to recycle this to irrigate your property.

Regular servicing helps your tanks to operate smoothly, prolonging the life of your system.

Waste water treatment can allow you to recycle all household black and grey water using proven and reliable technology to produce water quality suitable for irrigation. Whatever your requirements are for waste water treatment, Laser Plumbing Wairarapa can provide you with a suitable solution.

To learn more or to discuss your requirements, please contact Laser Plumbing Wairarapa.

About Us

At Laser Plumbing Wairarapa, we bring over a decade of dedicated service and a wealth of experience to meet all your plumbing needs. Established for 7 years, our journey in the plumbing industry has been shaped by our founder, Gary, who boasts an impressive 35 years of plumbing expertise, garnered from working with both local and overseas businesses.

Our roots run deep in the Wairarapa community, where we've proudly called home for over 35 years. Gary, a familiar face in the region, has not only contributed to the plumbing industry but has also been actively involved in the local community. His passion for Karate led him to achieve a black belt, reflecting the discipline and commitment that defines our approach to plumbing services.

At Laser Plumbing Wairarapa, community involvement is at the heart of what we do. We take pride in supporting local initiatives and organizations. Over the years, we've been honored to contribute to the community's well-being through our sponsorship of the Local Motocross Club, School sports programs, and Daffodil Day.

As a team, we are committed to delivering high-quality plumbing solutions backed by years of experience, local expertise, and a genuine passion for serving our community. When you choose Laser Plumbing Wairarapa, you're not just hiring a plumbing service – you're partnering with a team that cares about the well-being of your home and the community we all call home.

Totally Dependable Guarantee

When you hire a Laser Plumber or Electrician, you'll receive our 'Totally Dependable' service!

  • Timely delivery
  • Promise of care and skill
  • Appropriate work for customers' needs
  • Well-presented, professional employees
  • Ensure responsibility of material supplied
  • Honour manufacturer's guarantees
  • Meet and frequently exceed our customers' expectations

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