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With great operating systems in place, we specialise in residential and light commercial plumbing, backed by significant experience in the rural sector, particularly with pumps and tanks. With a focus on quality, customer service and value for money, you'll find the team at Laser Plumbing Te Awamutu a pleasure to deal with.

Our Services

  • Residential
  • Commercial
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General Plumbing

We are committed to providing you with professional and friendly support in the following areas

Plumbing Faults: We have an experienced and dedicated team of technicians efficient at detecting faults, and specialised in finding you cost-effective solutions. They are supported by dedicated office staff who are quick at answering your calls and responding to your issue.

Plumbing Design: Our dedicated office staff will offer you direction when selecting products for your new home or renovation. We'll highlight our suppliers' showrooms and websites where you can view all the products available.

Drain Cleaning: Our drainage team can carry out hydro jetting and CCTV inspections to identify the source of your issue and provide long term solutions.

Gutters and Downpipes: We provide inspections, repairs and replacements of your PVC spouting, Box Gutter and downpipes.

Pumps: At Laser Plumbing East Tamaki we provide skilled servicing and replacements of all types of water, waste and stormwater pumps.

Filtration: We cover installation and servicing of domestic and small commercial filtration systems and we provide advice on quality suppliers to suit your specific requirements.

Drainlaying: Our NZ qualified drainlayers are specialists in drain upgrades, as well as new builds for residential sites. We offer a fast professional service to deliver reliable drainage solutions using modern, efficient equipment and machinery. We design drainage systems, install drains and pipes to remove both sewerage and stormwater and install retention and detention tanks.

Maintenance and Servicing

Maintenance and servicing are essential to protect your home and your wallet. What may seem like a small plumbing, gas or drainage issue, can build up over time to cause expensive damage and wastage of water, increasing utility bills. We recommend getting your plumbing repairs completed as soon as you notice them so that you can save time and money in the long run.

We have created a yearly maintenance plan to help you keep your home in the best condition. Contact us if you have a plumbing query and we will advise you on the best course of action.


We offer a fast professional service to deliver reliable drainage solutions using modern, efficient equipment and machinery

Drainlaying: We design drainage systems for commercial sites, install drains and pipes to remove both sewerage and stormwater and install retention and detention tanks.

Blockages: Blocked toilets, sinks, sewers and shower drains are signs of blocked drains. We locate the exact source of the blockage or leaking pipes using CCTV equipment, then repair or replace the pipes or remove the blockage using high pressure hydro jets. Avoid blocked drains or costly repair jobs by running a maintenance check. Contact us to book a drain inspection or maintenance job.

IQP Back Flow Retention

All high and medium risk properties must ensure devices on their property are tested annually by an approved IQP technician. We can test devices for you.

Do you have a backflow valve which has failed and needs replacement? We can test it for you and arrange a replacement or service.

Hot Water Systems

We efficiently repair, replace or create a hot water system so you get cost-effective water heating solutions.

We specialise in the following systems:

Hot Water Cylinders: Electric hot water cylinders are the most common form of water heaters found in New Zealand homes. The water is heated by an element and stored in an insulated tank of various available sizes. Our staff can help you choose and install a cylinder that is best suited to your household's needs.

Hot Water Heat Pumps: Hot Water Heat Pumps are the most advanced and efficient water heating option currently available. Heat is extracted from the surrounding air and converted into energy which is then used to heat the stored water. If you want to reduce your power bills and create long term cost savings while using a more renewable source of energy, we can help you with the installation of a Hot Water Heat Pump. These are ideal for large families and are installed in a similar way to a standard hot water cylinder.

Gas Instant Hot Water: An instant gas hot water system will ensure your household never runs out of hot water. Upgrading to this type of system is an efficient and cost-effective way to free up space inside your house. We link to natural gas where gas is available directly to the house, otherwise, LPG bottles are installed to fuel your new hot water system. Contact us for advice and support with instant gas hot water installation.


We offer advice on choosing appliances for your requirements and safely install and certify these, so you have the best gas solutions for your house.

Gasfitting: We can safely install and certify these appliances:

  • Gas Hobs
  • Hot Water Cylinders
  • Gas Barbecues

We also offer advice and support for instant gas hot water installation.

Water Tanks

If you are interested in capturing rainwater to reduce your water bills and maintain a more sustainable environmentally friendly household we can assist you.

This feature is now becoming mandatory on a lot of new building projects. We specialise in working with our suppliers to provide retention and detention solutions to match your specifications. If you would like to find out more, get in touch!

Pumps Tanks Filtration and Irrigation

Water Pumps

Having even pressure and constant flow of water around the home is important. Laser Plumbing Gore will assist you in selecting the right pump and pressure system to ensure the needs of your home are met, fluctuations in water pressure during showers don’t occur and that there is always water available to boil the kettle.

If your current pump is not be performing to expectation, or you are looking for a solution for a new build or renovation and would like some advice on what you need, we can help.

When selecting a water pump there are several factors to be considered:

  • The water source
  • Proposed location of the pump
  • Maximum pressure required
  • Flow rate or volume of water required at one time

We can help you by assessing your existing water pump and pressure system and recommend an option to meet your water usage requirements and are capable of delivering continual flow and pressure.

Water Tanks

From 300 to 30,000 litres we’ve got you covered!

The capture of rainwater is now becoming mandatory on a lot of new building projects, it is also a way to reduce your water bills and provide a more environmentally friendly, sustainable house hold.

We work with our suppliers to provide retention and detention solutions to match your specifications.

Whether you are installing a water tank as your main source of water, or to bring down your water bills, capture rainwater for the garden, or as a major part of your fire safety plan, Laser Plumbing Gore can help you ensure that it delivers what you need.

There are several considerations when installing a water tank including New Zealand standards, and those of the water industry, plumbing regulations, and council requirements. This is why you should always use a licensed plumber. A licensed plumber will also reduce the risk of any problems arising from incorrect installation saving you money in the long term.

Water Filtration

Ensuring that your household and family have a potable water supply that is free from any chemicals, additives, and diseases like giardia and campylobacteria is extremely important. Whether you are in an urban or rural area, regardless of your how you source your water supply We can provide a water filtration solution to ensure safe H20.

When it comes to treating water, the solution will vary depending on your circumstances and the application, which is where we can help.

Our team will work alongside you to help define suitable products and systems to achieve your desired result. With knowledge in under bench mains filtration, tank water purification, to whole house three stage treatment options for all water supplies and sources, we will ensure your water is pure and most importantly safe.

Septic Systems

A poorly-maintained septic tank will become a serious health hazard, spreading disease and contaminating water sources, so maintenance and regular cleaning of your septic tank is crucial!

Preventative Maintenance

Eventually your septic tank will become full and it will need to be emptied. It’s not a job for the faint hearted, but we work alongside a great contractor who is a pro at this type of work.

No septic system can function without being cleaned out regularly. We would recommend that most septic tanks be cleaned and desludged every two-three years (or more regularly) if it sees a lot of action. Cleaning the tanks on a regular basis keeps it functioning efficiently and allows it to maintain good pumpable condition.

We maintain a comprehensive client database which allows us to schedule regular maintenance and servicing of your septic system if required.

If you have any queries about septic tank care or want qualified advice about your septic tank system, please give us a call.

Commercial Maintenance and Servicing

What may seem like a small plumbing, gas or drainage issue, can build up to cause expensive damage. We suggest the following maintenance plan to help keep buildings in the best condition.

24-Hour Call Outs

Do you have urgent problems with blocked toilets and drains, hot water systems, leaking taps and toilets or burst pipes? We can help you with this and much more!

Laser Plumbing Te Awamutu can take care of a wide range of plumbing repair needs for our commercial and residential clients across Franklin region.

We have a team of 24-hour plumbers that can assist you in cases of emergency plumbing breakdowns. We offer after hours and same day emergency breakdown services. We are available and ready to respond to your urgent plumbing requirements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

About Us

Ben Gardiner is a qualified plumbing, drainlayer and gasfitter with over over 10 years experience and joined Laser in 2023.

Ben is experienced in residential, light commercial has significant experience in the rural sector with pumps and tanks.

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