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Contact Laser Plumbing Matamata for all your Plumbing, Gas fitting and Drainlaying needs across Matamata, Morrinsville, Te Aroha and the surrounding Waikato area.

Laser Plumbing Matamata specialise in new builds, maintenance and servicing both residential and commercial, gas heating and cookers, wood-burning heating, hot water solutions, solar and roofing repairs. We have a great base of clients from housing companies, commercial and corporate customers as well as domestic maintenance and servicing clients. We have a team that cover new housing builds in the Matamata/Hamilton area and an experienced team that cover the local maintenance and servicing work. We are concentrating on growing our presence in the local Matamata area through top customer service, great professional advice and top workmanship and dependability.

When you hire Laser Plumbing Matamata you'll receive our 'Totally Dependable' service, guaranteed. Laser Plumbing Matamata works with full support from Laser national management. So whether we're working for a residential builder, commercial and industrial customers or homeowners, we strive to meet and exceed our customers' expectations every time!

Our Services

  • Residential
  • Rural
  • Commercial

New Build Plumbing

Laser Plumbing Matamata have an experienced team who can work with your builder right through your project, whether it is in town or rural. We understand the difficulties faced when building and aim to make the process as hassle free as possible by great communication and completing our contract within time constraints and budget.

We will work with you to design a plumbing system that not only works within the architectural parameters of your home but also is practical enough to function for normal household use. We know building a new home requires a lot of important decision making, which is why we will take the time to discuss your plumbing requirements and help you create your house into a home.

Our responsibility is to provide you with the most up to date and innovative solutions for your home. We work closely with our key suppliers to ensure we deliver the latest technologies at a competitive price. We have access to a wide range of quality products and along with our expert knowledge, you can rest assured your plumbing decor and performance expectations are met.

If you are looking at building send us your plans and we can provide a detailed obligation free plumbing and drainage quote.

Commercial Plumbing

We understand the cost of business interruption and in the event of a breakdown we aim to get a tradesmen on site immediately to get things going again.

Laser Plumbing Matamata offer the highest level of responsiveness and reliability. Our highly experienced plumbers ensure that your premises are always maintained and compliant. This means your team can operate at maximum efficiency and safety.

To ensure your plumbing assets are maintained and serviced regularly we can place them on a recurring maintenance schedule to keep them in tip-top working order.

Using our unique Laser systems, we ensure that your facility management is headache free. We coordinate technicians, manage scheduled servicing and ensure all administration is handled promptly and professionally. Whether it's new installations, designing a solution, or programmed facilities maintenance, contact us for a "Totally Dependable" plumbing service.

Maintenance & Servicing

Maintenance and servicing is vital to ensure your home or workplace is safe and operating efficiently. A little leak might not seem like a big deal, but they do add up over time, wasting water and costing you money.

Laser Plumbing Matamata can provide a Preventative Maintenance Schedule to reduce the expensive costs of repairs or replacements in the future.

A good sized team of tradesmen allows us to attend to your maintenance and servicing job in a timely manner.

Whether it is fixing leaks, unblocking drains, renovating your bathroom, repairing or replacing your roof or spouting, cleaning your chimney, servicing gas fires, changing filters - no job is too big or small. You can rely on your local Laser Plumbing Matamata to provide a "Totally Dependable" service.

With a 24/7 call out service we to get someone to an urgent job immediately.

Need a 'Totally Dependable' plumber? Contact us to discuss your requirements

Central Vacuum Systems

A central vacuum unit is typically mounted away from living areas providing quiet operation while still keeping up high suction levels. By carrying dirt and dust particles away from your rooms, it not only makes your home cleaner and more hygienic but also creates a healthier living environment by reducing the triggers of common allergies. tauranga central vacuum.

Simply plug the hose in to one of the strategically located inlets around the home which connect to in-wall and ceiling cavity piping back to the unit. With no bags to empty, no electrical cords to trip over and no bulky unit to drag around behind you, vacuuming time and effort is greatly reduced.

We are accredited suppliers and installers for Beam and AEG

Water Supply Solutions

Laser Plumbing Matamata have many water supply and water storage solutions for not only urban areas but for the agriculture and rural sectors too.

Laser Plumbing Matamata can offer rain harvesting solutions and can supply and install a range of water storage tanks and water pumps.

We have a range of water filtration solutions, from simple under-bench filtration units to larger UV systems and neutralising treatment systems.

Rainwater Tanks

Rainwater tanks can store water run-off from your roof for use around the home or garden. Installing a rainwater tank, together with other household water saving devices, can reduce your household water use by up to 25 per cent and save around $50 a year on water bills.

If you're building a new home, installing a rainwater tank can help you achieve the minimum regulatory requirements of the 5 Star Standard. To meet the 5 Star Standard with a rainwater tank, the capacity must be a minimum or 2,000 liters with a minimum roof catchment area of 50 square meters.

Rainwater can be used flushing your toilet, watering your garden or for use in washing machines. You should test rainwater for portability (drinking quality) before you considering drinking it.

IQP Backflow Prevention

Backflow prevention devices ensure that our water supply is not contaminated by pollutants that may enter the water supply. These devices prevent the water from flowing back into the water main pipes.

Laser Plumbing Matamata provides backflow prevention testing, problem diagnosis, installation and repairs to existing installations. We also provide regular testing of your backflow prevention device to ensure that it is maintained to required standards and continue to operate effectively.


Our drainage team is equipped with 3 diggers, a tip truck and drainage cameras.

We can unblock and repair existing systems, install new sewer and stormwater lines and design and install new stormwater and septic tanks.

We are well equipped and experienced with new residential builds both rural and in town, and can install sanitary systems for both residential and commercial applications.

Proper drainage for your property is essential. This involves the removal of waste water from your home or workplace, allowing stormwater to flow safely from your roof into the main council drains and appropriate property irrigation to prevent flooding. Where mains sewerage access is not available, piping to septic tanks and other wastewater systems can be provided.


Laser Plumbing Matamata partner with the best suppliers and leading manufacturers to ensure that our clients are getting a proven and reliable end product. Our certified plumbers will then carry out an expert installation so you can rest easy knowing that your heating system has been installed safely.

You can rely on Laser Plumbing Matamata to make sure your heating system is running efficiently for the colder seasons.

Our heating services includes:

  • Woodburners
  • Gasfitting
  • Hydronic heating

Wood Burners

Keep your home and family warm during the winter season! Laser Plumbing Matamata supplies and install new wood fires whether it is a free standing or inbuilt model in your new home.

There are many factors to consider when installing a wood fire in your home and ensuring you select the correct size and model for your home and heating requirements is key. The right wood fire with correct operation and good dry fuel will provide you years of warmth and trouble-free heating.

We are agents for Metro, Masport, Kent and Firenzo wood burner fireplaces and can supply and install these at great prices.


Whether you need help with a gas emergency, new installation, or maintenance and testing of an existing system, we provide the solution!

Laser Plumbing Matamata supplies and installs gas appliances enabling us to be a one stop shop for customers. We have dedicated, certified and professional gas fitters who make sure all gas work is certified and tested for your safety and compliance.

Our experienced and knowledgeable gasfitters are here for advice on any gas options you may be looking at.

This may include gas cooking or gas heating in residential homes, cafes or restaurants. Or gas to appliances, caravans, motorhomes or boats.

Laser Plumbing Matamata specialise in gas hot water heating. We can design a new system for you or look at a conversion from your existing hot water system. A gas continuous flow hot water system could save up to 60% on your hot water heating bill.

Our gas fitters are qualified for installation of all gas appliances including heaters, fireplaces and flues, gas hobs, hot water cylinders, gas barbeques and continuous hot water heaters.

For fast, convenient and easily controlled heating, we can supply and install gas energy saving heating, gas inbuilt fireplaces, outdoor gas heating and gas central heating systems. These include Regency and Rinnai brands.

Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heating is the most cost efficient heating choice used in homes and buildings today, ensuring an even distribution of heat throughout your home. It's versatile, comfortable, and economical.

Laser Plumbing Matamata are experts in installing and servicing hydronic heating (also known as ducted or central heating). Ideally done in a new house or renovation, hydronic heating can be either under-floor pipes connecting to vents set into the floor, or radiators installed in particular rooms throughout a house

If you are building your dream home, renovating or extending, we have a comprehensive range of modern practical solutions for your heating. Our trained professionals can provide you with a quote for installation of hydronic or ducted heating. We are an accredited supplier and installer for Central Heating NZ.

Solar Hot Water

Solar water heating uses the sun's rays for heating water which is then stored in a hot water tank, the same way as electric heating, which is then ready to use in the bathroom, kitchen, garage, laundry and anywhere else that you use hot water within your home.

Solar radiation is a renewable source of energy, it is non-polluting on the environment and it is free. Why not utilise the natural energy provided by the sun?

This is usually an initial investment that will pay for itself in electricity savings or over a few short years.

Laser Plumbing Matamata can design and install a solar hot water system for your home or office that can save you money on your power bill while being environmentally friendly.

Call us and we can provide advice and a quote on the most efficient and cost-effective system for your home or business needs.

About us

Tony Wright has been plumbing in the Matamata-Waikato area since 1978. He completed his apprenticeship with Mckenzie Plumbing before heading off on his OE where he worked as a plumber in London for a year getting a taste for the gas-fitting side of the industry. On returning to NZ he joined Bruce Magan Ltd which later became Comag Ltd. Tony was one of the original directors/shareholders of Comag Ltd which is a large plumbing company still trading today.

Tony became the first craftsman gasfitter to become qualified through the PGDB in the Matamata area. He has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in all facets of plumbing, gasfitting, drainlaying, roofing and heating. In 2006 Tony branched out on his own forming Wright Plumbing & Gas Ltd, and shortly afterwards made the decision to join the Laser Group franchise and trade as Laser Plumbing Matamata.

"I could see the benefits of being part of the Laser brand. They provide the business support and advanced business systems that enable us to operate as efficiently as possible. Being part of a large plumbing franchise also gives us greater negotiating power with our suppliers, and we are often able to pass these saving on to our customers. It's a brand with high standards expected to be met in both workmanship and customer service and it is becoming more and more recognisable throughout NZ."

Tony joined Laser Group with a small team but grew very quickly. In 2009 Laser Plumbing Matamata won the Laser Group Gold Award at the Fiji Conference for Outstanding Growth. Today Tony operates a team of around 11 Tradesmen and 2 Office Administrators.

"We specialise in new builds, maintenance and servicing both residential and commercial, gas heating and cookers, wood-burning heating, hot water solutions, solar and roofing repairs. We have built a great base of clients from housing companies, commercial and corporate customers as well as domestic maintenance and servicing clients. We have a team that cover new housing builds in the Matamata/Cambridge/Hamilton area and an experienced team that cover the local maintenance and servicing work. We are concentrating on growing our presence in the local Matamata area through top customer service, great professional advice and top workmanship and 'dependability'."


2018 Finalist Outstanding Growth
2016 MPDC Business Awards - Finalist Customer Services Award


Our Clients

Totally Dependable Guarantee

When you hire a Laser Plumber or Electrician, you'll receive our 'Totally Dependable' service!

  • Timely delivery
  • Promise of care and skill
  • Appropriate work for customers' needs
  • Well-presented, professional employees
  • Ensure responsibility of material supplied
  • Honour manufacturer's guarantees
  • Meet and frequently exceed our customers' expectations

"Love the friendly people there and were very helpful in our request so we could finish our garden area for a wild bird feeding station."

Valerie Kendrick

"After dealing with Laser Plumbing Matamata for many years we have always found them great to work with."

Linda Andrews

"Tony has gone the extra mile to ensure the water pump now works correctly by replacing the feed between the tank and pump. It now keeps a head that was proving to be troublesome."

Ian Gray

Friendly people to deal with, job well done and just received invoice and was pleasantly surprised! Thanks for the hard work team."

Laura Saunders

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